40 Day Sugar Fast Recipes- Quick And Delicious!

There are so many 40-day sugar fast recipes to choose from, that is can be overwhelming! First, we should know what a sugar fast is. If you are looking to lose weight and change your lifestyle around, participating in a 40-day sugar fast recipe can be a quick and easy solution!

Sugar is not entirely bad, however, added sugars can hurt your health. Listed below are delicious and beginner-friendly 40-day sugar fast recipes for participants who have never tried this new lifestyle and diet! It is surprisingly easy when you have alternatives listed out for you.

What Is A Sugar Fast?

So, what is a sugar fast? Essentially, people treat a sugar fast like a sugar and toxin detox. When you fast specifically from sugar, you eliminate sugar in your system by no longer consuming it and staying as hydrated as possible. A sugar fast is supposed to clean your system out in a healthy way.

Not a lot of people know this fact, but sugar is very addicting. Added sugars have a component that tricks people’s brains into thinking they want more and need the sugar. Not all sugar-free options are tasty though, which is why we have our own 40-day sugar fast recipes.

Every person has a diet that is different. Not everyone can benefit from a sugar fast. Some people that participate in these fasts do so for only a week, while others strive to make it six months without added sugars.

What Are Common 40 Day Sugar Fast Recipes?

Listed below are a few common 40 day sugar fast recipes that taste delicious and quench your thirst for more sugar.

Spicy Chicken

 Can you eat fruit during a sugar fast?

If you miss the flavor and want something with more of a kick, why not try spicy chicken? Most spicy chicken recipes use natural spices, seasonings, and no added sugars. However, to be safe, you should stay away from thick sauces that are store-bought with hidden sugars. Always read the back of your food’s bottle.

Spicy foods are great for those of us looking to lose weight. Some studies have shown that spicy foods, peppers, and seasonings ignite the digestive system to work harder leading to a boost in your immune system.

Smoothies With No Added Sugars

Not all smoothies are healthy and good for  40 day no sugar fast recipes. However, when you want to make yourself a tasty and refreshing smoothie, make sure to use whole fruits. Most whole fruits contain vitamins and minerals with natural sugars.

If you do not have fresh fruits, add frozen fruits, ice, water, and unsweetened almond milk into a blender to enjoy! This is a great recipe for those of us with a naturally sweet tooth.

Sesame Salmon And Stir-Fry Vegetables

For light lunches without added sugars, a good dish is salmon with vegetables. This recipe is great, delicious, and full of healthy fats that aid in weight loss. Most vegetables do contain some sugar, but it is natural and can be eaten with 40 day sugar fast recipes.

Sugar-Free Desserts- Sugar Alternatives

Instead of using original sugar in your home-baked desserts, try to look for sugar alternatives when making desserts. There are many cookie recipes that use no sugar chocolate chips and sugar alternatives that taste delicious! Splenda is especially common and popular in no-sugar communities.

Fruit Desserts

Making 40 day sugar fast recipes is tough since added sugars are in almost everything. However, whole fruits are delicious and don’t need additional sugar. If you want to add something special to your fruit bowl, try drizzling sugar-free caramel or sugar-free chocolate.

There are also sugar-free whipped creams that make eating fruits even easier and enjoyable! Just add a drop of whipped cream into your fruit bowl!

Foods To Avoid During A 40 Day Sugar Fast

When looking for 40 day sugar fast recipes, there are more recipes to avoid than recipes to look forward to. For example, if you are fasting from sugar for 40 days, the first thing you need to give up is fast food. The bread, and even the ketchup, from fast-food restaurants, contain added sugars.

Other heavy carbs and sugar foods are white rice, potatoes, starchy roots like plantains, sugary candy, and regular sugar cane. Avoid these foods is not easy, but it is possible with substitutions and no-sugar snacks.

 What foods can you eat on a sugar fast?

Tips And Tricks To Cook And Store 40 Day Sugar Fast Recipes

Fasting is not easy. It takes a lot of preparation, patience, time, and resistance. Changing your lifestyle, though, does not need to feel impossible. Listed below are a few tips and tricks that I like to use to cook and store 40 day sugar fast recipes!

First, if you are struggling with the concept of constantly cooking and finding new 40 day sugar fast recipes, I recommend lightly meal prepping in advance at least twice a week. The meals do not have to be fancy! Want something quick after work? Storing foods in the freezer makes it easy to defrost and warm up!

To avoid added sugars, don’t let yourself any added sugar snacks at home. They are tempting! If you need something sweet, prepare your favorite fruit bowls as light snacks since these fruits have naturally occurring sugars. Now, who doesn’t love baking? To be more healthy and avoid added sugars, try using olive oil, not canola or vegetable oil.


Overall, participating in a 40 day sugar fast can be difficult, but it does not have to be! There are so many 40 day sugar fast recipes to choose from that can make the experience worth it and a lot easier. I recommend, for example, choosing recipes that fit into your daily life. Not all recipes have to be elaborate or extremely difficult.

What do you think about our list of 40 day sugar fast recipes? While we have listed some common and popular choices, the possibilities are endless! There are a lot of natural foods that do not contain added sugar at all! Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share these delicious 40 day sugar fast recipes!

 What can you not eat on a sugar fast?


What foods can you eat on a sugar fast?

You can eat a lot of foods on a sugar fast, it is not as restricting as you think. For example, eating meat, colorful vegetables, and whole fruits is acceptable!

How do you go on a sugar fast?

Going on a sugar fast takes a lot of patience and preparation. First, start by eliminating temptations in your home. Then, come up with a game plan on meal prepping during the week that has ingredients with no added sugars.

Can you eat fruit during a sugar fast?

Yes! Although fruits do have sugar, the sugar is naturally occurring. This is a good type of sugar, and fruits also have a lot of healthy and beneficial properties.

What can you not eat on a sugar fast?

On a sugar fast, you can not eat anything with added sugars. It is best to stay away from fast food restaurants.