40 Day Sugar Fast Recipes- Quick And Delicious!

40 Day Sugar Fast Recipes

There are so many 40-day sugar fast recipes to choose from, that is can be overwhelming! First, we should know what a sugar fast is. If you are looking to lose weight and change your lifestyle around, participating in a 40-day sugar fast recipe can be a quick and easy solution! Sugar is not entirely … Read more

Does Garlic Powder Have Sodium?

Does Garlic Powder Have Sodium

Does Garlic Powder Have Sodium? We’re here to answer all of your questions regarding garlic powder and whether it contains sodium. Garlic powder does not contain any added sodium, only natural sodium that is found in garlic. The content is so small that it does not negatively affect sodium levels and if anything is considered … Read more

Can Coffee Make You Bloated?

Can Coffee Make You Bloated

One of the most popular liquid drinks in the globe, coffee has been sold, branded, and expressed in many different forms since its founding in the 15th century. Now, for those with sensitive stomachs, you may ask, “Can coffee make you bloated?” The answer is yes, it can. And this wholly depends on the amount … Read more

Foods That Cause Swelling In Feet

Foods That Cause Swelling In Feet

Struggling with swollen feet is not something many people, or any really, want to deal with. It can be embarrassing and frustrating to have to handle and hide swollen feet, especially if you don’t know what’s causing it or if you’re here, you assume it’s food and is looking to figure out what foods that … Read more

Does Sucralose Break A Fast?

Does Sucralose Break A Fast

There is a wide range of reasons why people participate in fasts, and the vastly different kinds of fast, as well. During a fasting period, there are certain restrictions put in place, like what someone can or cannot eat, to effectively benefit from the results, whether health or spiritual, carried out from participating in a … Read more

Break Up With Sugar Once And For All 

Break Up With Sugar Once And For All 

Break up with sugar once and for all! Every person has heard how bad processed sugars are for the body, leading to major health concerns like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease…and yet people still buy them. A lot of the time, this can be due to uncontrollable sugar cravings that cause an irrevocable cycle of … Read more

48 Hour Fast Once A Week

48 Hour Fast Once A Week

Is it healthy or recommended to do a 48 hour fast once a week? Many professionals recommend participating in a 48 hour fast 1-2 times a month, not every week. There are other, less intense, fasting methods that can be used as a supplemental fasting practice while working up a 48 hour fast like the … Read more