Do Kiwis Need To Be Refrigerated? 4 Fascinating And Quick Kiwi Recipes

So, do kiwis need to be refrigerated? Fruits can be tricky to figure out. Not all fruits are the same, for instance, some types of fruits, like mangos, ripen outside of the refrigerator, while strawberries get sweeter inside of the fridge and go bad without proper refrigeration.

Kiwis are especially confusing. We eat kiwis a lot at home, and it is understandable why. These juicy and delicious fruits are a favorite because of how quick they are to eat! However, these fruits are also very sour when they are not ready. It is best to wait for them to ripen. Keep reading to learn how to store kiwis properly.

What Are Kiwis?

Kiwis are a type of fruit that is relatively small. These fruits are small enough that they fit in the average person’s palm of their hand. Kiwis are rarely over three inches thick and have a fuzzy coat that is edible. The outer layer should always be watched before you eat the tart fruit.

I love kiwis and will buy them whenever I see they are in season, but I find myself wondering ‘do kiwis need to be refrigerated’? Unlike other types of fruit, you can leave kiwis to ripen after you pick them. If they are not ripe in the stores, you are in luck as waiting 2-5 days (depending on the texture) can leave you ready to bite into a colorful kiwi.

The Health Benefits Of Kiwis

There are so many health benefits to enjoying and eating kiwis that will blow your mind! Kiwi, for instance, contains a high amount of vitamin C, about 230% of our desired daily intake. Not only do these furry and fuzzy fruits contain vitamin C, but they also have many antioxidants that reduces inflammation.

With the amount of fiber, you will be happy to know that kiwis are great for digestive health, specifically constipation.

 Can kiwi stay out of fridge?

How To Store Kiwis

According to the California Department of Education, there are proper ways you need to store your delicious kiwis which can help you answer the question ‘do kiwis need to be refrigerated?’. First, the department believes that the best temperature to store your kiwis is 32–35 degrees Fahrenheit.

When storing these delicious fruits, you will need to not place them in tight containers. Instead, a loose bag with air can help you preserve the kiwis. When refrigerating kiwis, make sure you do not place them near ripening fruit. These fruits produce a gas that will further and quickly ripen kiwis.

Do Kiwis Need To Be Refrigerated?

The answer to ‘do kiwis need to be refrigerated’ is yes and no. It really depends on when you are going to store and enjoy your kiwis. For instance, placing kiwis at room temperature when they are not ripe and their skin protects them is recommended.

However, if you have an extremely ripe kiwi or cut your kiwi, you will need to place this fruit in a ziplock bag and into the refrigerator for up to a week. The kiwi will continue to ripen and lose its tough texture. You can freeze kiwis as well, but it is best to do so when the kiwi is sliced.

4 Fascinating And Quick Kiwi Recipes

Listed below are four fascinating and quick kiwi recipes that you can enjoy! These recipes are great, but only with ripened kiwis.

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1. Kiwi Smoothie

Have you ever enjoyed a kiwi smoothie or a kiwi fresh fruit juice? Not only are they refreshing, but they are healthy and super easy to make. Add a base ingredient. You can try placing water, milk, yogurt, or a milk alternative into a blender. Afterwards, cut and dice kiwis and add ice to the blender.

The great thing about these quick recipes is that you can make them your own without wondering if kiwis need to be refrigerated. If you don’t want to risk it, simply use your leftover fruits in delicious and simple recipes, like a smoothie or fresh juice.

2. Kiwi Parfait

Have you ever had a kiwi parfait? You can enjoy these delicious and heavy yogurt dishes for breakfast or as a small and healthy dessert. Start with a small bowl or cup. At the bottom, add a layer of diced kiwis with a chocolate or a caramel drizzle.

This is optional, but I like adding granola and almonds to the center. Layer the yogurt and the kiwis until you reach the top. Sprinkle cut up kiwis and your favorite topping on the parfait. Try using coconut shavings as they pair well with kiwis.

3. Minature Cakes

Who doesn’t love enjoying a sweet and small cake? If you love combining the sponginess of a yellow cake with the sweetness and tartness of kiwis, try to place these two main ingredients together. You can either make a batter that is kiwi flavor, or make a yellow cake with a kiwi and cream filling. The options are endless when it comes to cakes.

 How long are kiwis good for on the counter?

4. Puff Kiwi Cream

Possibly my favorite snack or dessert is a puff cream cake or pastry. The best way to make these delicious pastries is by purchasing pre-made strawberry shortcake shells. They are spongy, moist, and look like cups large enough to hold a vanilla buttercream with fruits.

Slice the fruits into your favorite shape. You can even use mini cookie cutters if you want different shapes like starts or letters. Layer the cream and the kiwis.


Have you found other methods to store these delicious fruits? If you have any comments pertaining to the topic, or have questions about our article, leave a comment down below.

Remember, you should always purchase kiwis when they are not ripe, unless you are going to wait until they are ready. Most of the time, you will be left waiting for 2-5 days if your kiwis are not ripe. There are seasons, depending where you live. Do you know anyone else wondering if kiwis need to be refrigerated? Send them our way!


Can kiwi stay out of fridge?

Kiwis can stay out of the fridge as long as the skin or peel is untouched and unbroken. Once the kiwi is too ripe and soft, then you can place it in your refrigerator.

How long do kiwis last at room temperature?

Kiwis stay at room temperature for about 1-2 weeks, depending on the firmness when you purchase these delicious fruits.

What happens if you put kiwis in the fridge?

If you put kiwis in the fridge, the fruits will ripen quickly, especially if they are near other fast ripening fruits.

How long are kiwis good for on the counter?

You can leave kiwis on the counter for up to 2 weeks, however, keep checking on their condiiton.