Does Mustard Help With Cramps? 5 Different And Amazing Foods That Help With Cramps

So, does mustard help with cramps? There are a lot of wives’ tales out there, but are they true? Some people use mustard to treat menstrual and leg cramps. At the moment, there is no scientific evidence that mustard has any pain relieving or anti-inflammatory properties.

Despite this, thousands of women and men use mustard to ease their cramps. Thankfully though, there are various foods that have been proven effective against painful cramps. Interesting in learning calming and natural remedies to cramps? Keep on reading below!

What Is Mustard?

You may be confused since not everyone has heard of this wives’ tale. Mustard is usually served as a liquid condiment that you can use on American-style foods. It is common to eat mustard on hot dogs, hamburgers, and even french fries!

Interestingly, not everyone knows exactly what mustard is or where it comes from! To understand does mustard help with cramps, it is good to also know what this condiment is made with. Actually, mustard is a flower or plant that produces yellow and black seeds. The seeds are then crushed up and processed into what we know as mustard.

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The Health Benefits Of Mustard

Mustard is a surprisingly beneficial food that is sometimes considered a superfood. Although mustard is usually only used as a condiment, yellow mustard has many uses. For example, some people take one spoon of spicy mustard before bed so they can sleep well and pain free.

Another health benefit of eating mustard is that is is a decongestant. In other words, if you are sick and congested, you can inhale steamed mustard seeds or drink a spoon of mustard to release mucus in your airways! Mustard is also high in magnesium, a necessary nutrient for producing protein in your body needed for energy.

Does Mustard Help With Cramps?

So, does mustard help with cramps? The answer to this question is tricky. Although mustard can help some people with their menstrual cramps and cycle, there are other foods and plants that are more effective. That being said, mustard is great because it helps with muscular cramps, like leg cramps.

There is a special acid naturally in mustard that triggers the senses in our bodies to release endorphins, helping with pain. You can also help your leg cramps though by stretching frequently. It is hard to stretch your leg though when a painful cramp begins.

 Is mustard good for menstrual cramps?

5 Different Foods That Alleviate Cramps

There are many foods that alleviate menstrual and muscular cramps. Listed below are just five examples of foods that ease painful cramps and how they do so.


Who hasn’t heard about the miraculous benefits of drinking and using ginger? There are many benefits that come from using this small root. Usually though, you don’t eat the ginger raw. Instead, it is best to make a tea with ginger shavings!

How does ginger alleviate cramps? Ginger alleviate cramps because it helps untense the muscles that causes the pain. Ginger is also used as a anti-inflammatory medicine and food because of its properties. For menstrual cramps, this ginger root is perfect since it decreases overall bloating.


Instead of drinking medications, we should focus on eating fruits when feeling intense cramps! Did you know that eating an orange can actually decrease your pain and tension from menstrual and leg cramps? Oranges have a lot of vitamin C, which helps the body retain both sugar and energy.

Other PMS symptoms like mood swings, acne, and bloating are also affected be oranges. These delicious fruit have a high amount of magnesium and potassium.

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Lemons have a similar affect like oranges. However, oranges have a higher concentration of vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium. That being said, lemon made our list because it is easy to add to your daily diet! You see, squeezing a lemon is easier then squeezing an orange.

Using lemons in water as well as desserts, salads, and meat decreases a person’s PMS symptoms. I like using lemons because I can easily sneak them into my daily life. One small lemon wedge into my tea not only tastes good, but it is also energizing!


The high amount of potassium in bananas is what makes this delicious fruit a super fruit with a natural talent of easing painful cramps! It is good to eat foods that are high in magnesium as this helps with both pain as well as blood supply. The best part about bananas, though, is how easy they are to find and buy.!

When eating a banana, you may be surprised to know that because there is a lot of fiber, it helps with other PMS symptoms. A common complain with cramps is that it causes stomach pain and bowel troubles. However, when you eat fiber, the fiber helps the body digest foods, leading to less bloating.


It may be silly to see, but water is the most number one important thing that can aid in relieving the pain from menstrual cramps. It is easy to forget to drink enough water, which can trigger other symptoms and worsen them. If you ever wonder why you are nauseous, try drinking slow sips of cool water.

Water is hydrating, which can relieve stressful cramps and tense muscles. The much needed hydration beats the use of mustard and other herbs! Throughout periods, drinking water is important.

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Hopefully you have learned the answer to does mustard help with cramps? Mustard is a delicious condiment usually enjoyed on food, however, some people use it to treat both menstrual cramps and leg cramps. While mustard for pain relief is a wives’ tale, some people still use and swear by this method!

What do you think about this? Have you ever used mustard to treat painful cramps? Would you try it in the future? Now that you know the answer to does mustard help with cramps, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below! Know anyone else interested in learning about cramp relief? Send them our way!


How fast does mustard relieve cramps?

Some studies have shown that mustard almost immediately relieves and treats painful cramps.

What stops leg cramps immediately?

Mustard, along with light stretches, can stop leg cramps immediately!

What does mustard help with?

Mustard has a lot of beneficial properties including lowering blood sugar levels and high blood pressure.

Is mustard good for menstrual cramps?

There is no exact evidence showing that mustard is good for menstrual cramps, but some people swear by this method and take a spoon of spicy mustard to relieve their pain!