Does Sucralose Break A Fast?

There is a wide range of reasons why people participate in fasts, and the vastly different kinds of fast, as well. During a fasting period, there are certain restrictions put in place, like what someone can or cannot eat, to effectively benefit from the results, whether health or spiritual, carried out from participating in a fast.

So, what can you eat during a fast? Does sucralose break a fast? In this article, we will answer all of these questions by explaining what sucralose is, why it does in fact break a fast when consumed during a fasting period, along with other information like what is allowed for consumption during a fasting period and how to effectively break a fast without negative repercussions. 

What Is Sucralose?

Sucralose is a sweetener that boasts zero calories, marketed using that notable fact to draw in consumers who wish to lower calories consumed by sugar but still enjoy the sweetness in their drinks and food. 

It is an artificial sweetener that is found in brands like Splenda and Stevia. Sucralose is notably sweeter than normal sugar, about 600 times the amount to be exact, which is why it can be used in smaller amounts than other sugars like white sugar and cane sugar. 

 Can I use artificial sweetener while intermittent fasting?

Does Sucralose Break A Fast?

Yes, sucralose is considered to break one’s fast, which is why it’s on the list of approved items to drink or consume, like water, on a fast. 

An artificial sweetener, sucralose may be calorie-free but it has been discovered that regularly consuming sucralose can affect your gut microbiome. This can possibly lead to negative side effects from the alternation of your gut’s natural microbiome structure by affecting the microbiota in the gut. 

What Can Be Eaten During A Fast?

There is a wide range of purposes of why people fast, but all come together to include certain restrictions or disciplinary dedications when it comes to what you can or cannot eat while fasting.


The body needs water to function. Water does not contain calories and is an essential ingredient to a healthy, hydrated fully functioning immune system. 

The recommended intake for water changes depending on gender, age, climate, height, activity level, and weight. Make sure to double-check how much water you should be specifically intaking to rack up the health benefits by providing for your body with an essential ingredient—-water. 

A great test to see if you are dehydrated or hydrated is by checking the color of your urine. There are charts that can be utilized to see how hydrated you are or dehydrated you are (and yes, it is possible to be drinking too much water!). 

 Can you use Splenda while fasting?


It’s important to note that the tea should be unsweetened. The tea should not contain any added sugars or have sugar or sweeteners added to it. This adds calories to the tea which defeats the purpose of participating in a fast. 


Coffee without added sugars or sweeteners, also known as black coffee, is also acceptable as it contains zero calories. It is believed that the consumption of coffee during fasts can work to increase the benefits of fasting by improving brain function and reducing inflammation. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

Either taken as a shot or mixed into a glass of water, apple cider vinegar has helped many fast goers push back cravings that are likely to pop up during a fasting period. Apple cider vinegar has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels and is a natural probiotic that promotes healthy gut bacteria.   

 does sucralose break a fast

What Can Be Eaten To Break A Fast?

When breaking a fast, it is recommended to consume foods that can be digested easier and to break a fast in small portions of food. There can be negative repercussions, like bloating or nausea, that can occur when breaking a fast with heavy foods like burgers and fries.


Vegetables are low in calories and easier for the body to digest after breaking a fast. It’s recommended to cook the vegetables before consuming them as this makes it even easier for your body to digest them without causing an upset stomach or otherwise.

Some examples of vegetables to break a fast with are:

  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots

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Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are great for breaking fasts as they improve the health of efficiency of gut bacteria, which proceeds to improve gut health. The natural probiotics in fermented foods are easy for the human body to digest and are a great tool to break a fast. 

Some examples of fermented foods are:

  • Kimchi
  • Yogurt (Unsweetened)
  • Sauerkraut
  • Kefir


It’s recommended, when breaking a fast with soup, to steer clear of creamy soups and instead consume clear soups that hold ingredients like tofu, vegetables, and other digestible carbs like lentils. There are many available recipes and options to consider trying out when breaking a fast with soup. 

Some examples of soups to try when breaking a fast are:

  • Vegetable Soup
  • Mushroom Soup
  • Dumpling Soup
  • Coconut Soup
  • Tomato Soup
  • Chicken Soup

 Is sucralose a carbohydrate?


Easy for the body to digest, smoothies are another great recommended food to consume when breaking one’s fast. There is a wide range of smoothie recipes that can be tested and tried (for taste, not efficiency in breaking a fast). Smoothies are easily customizable at the comfort of your home where you can control what does and doesn’t go into your smoothie. 

Some smoothie ideas to break a fast with are:

  • Green Mango Smoothie
  • Berry Smoothie (Strawberry or Blueberry)
  • Chia Berry Smoothie


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Is sucralose a carbohydrate?

No, sucralose is not a carohydrates as it contains zero carbohydrates.

Does sucralose break ketosis?

Sucralose does not break ketosis as it is a low-calorie to zero calorie sweetener.

Can I use artificial sweetener while intermittent fasting?

No. Artificial sweeteners affect the gut's natural microbiome defeating the purpose of fasting, hence the reason why it is not allowed for consumption during a fasting period.

Can you use Splenda while fasting?

No. Splenda is an artificial sweetener and should not be consumed during a fast as it affects the body's gut bacteria which can hinder the results of the fast.