5 Unique And Easy Herbalife Shake Recipes With Water

Herbalife shakes are growing in popularity. There is no wonder why so many of us want easy Herbalife shake recipes with water. These shakes are growing in popularity and only use a few key ingredients. You can always use your favorite ingredients while making Herbalife shakes, but the experts on their team recommend using water.

If you want to learn how to make unique and easy Herbalife shake recipes using water, keep on reading below. We will discuss what Herbalife is, why water is beneficial, and the amount of each ingredient necessary. Water is hydrating and should be embraced and drank as much as possible.

What Is Herbalife?

So, what is Herbalife? Most likely you have heard this company’s name before, as they are one of the leading nutrition companies in the world. Although they are a global company that sells nutrition products like meal replacement shakes and supplements and vitamins, they are mainly known and used in the United States.

Herbalife, though, is more than just a company with unique products, like their weight loss shakes. For instance, this company is part of an MLM where the owner of the ‘nutrition club’ or ‘business’ needs to recruit other ‘owners’ for a profit. The more people they have under them, the more money they can make.

Why Use Water In Shakes Instead Of Milk?

 Can I mix Herbalife shake with water?

Are you interested in our Herbalife shake recipes with water, but you are not convinced to switch milk and other bases for water? We understand! Water is a great liquid base for milkshakes and smoothies because it is a smooth drink.

Water is a lot more hydrating than milk. Technically, as we age, our bodies do not need dairy products, like milk, cream, or butter. Milk is also high in calories, which can make it hard to lose weight.

The Health Benefits Of Staying Hydrated With Water

Did you know that there are many health benefits to staying hydrated? Most of our body is made up of blood and water. There are also a lot of organs, including our largest organ (the skin) that require hydration to stay as healthy and as firm as possible.

Without drinking enough water and fluids, you are putting yourself at risk for overheating and heat strokes, which can easily turn deadly. Over time, as your body dehydrates, you may also start feeling faint, develop mental health problems like anxiety or depression, and wake up with frequent headaches.

How Much Water Is Needed For Each Herbalife Shake?

The hardest part about making these Herbalife shake recipes with water is determining how much water is needed. If you are confused about the quantity, look at the size of your drink and really think about how smooth, slush, or icy you want your shake to be.

For example, some of us love watery shakes, since they are easier to drink. In these cakes, you will need more water than ice. If you are making a medium, or a 16 oz drink, consider adding about 8-10 oz of water. The rest can be the Herbalife powder, additional toppings, and the ice.

 How do you make a Herbalife shake with water?

5 Unique Herbalife Shake Recipes With Water

Listed below are five unique and interesting Herbalife shake recipes with water to enjoy!

Cookies and Cream

Yum! My mouth is watering just thinking about my favorite flavor, cookies and cream. Herbalife sells a powder that uses cookies and cream. Take 1-2 scoops for each 8 oz of water and add ice to a blender. It is that easy! If you want more texture, like cookies, you can add sugar free Oreos and chocolate chip cookies.

Since these shakes are made for weight loss, try to find low-calorie cookie alternatives.


The best thing about using this specific Herbalife shake recipe with water is that you can stick to sugar free syrups, but you also have the option of blending delicious fresh berries! I like to add fresh fruits to my smoothies and shakes as much as possible. The powder and water will make this Herbalife shake taste like a sweet ice cream!

Mint Chocolate Chip

Maybe you are more of a mint chocolate chip kind of fella. We don’t judge! If you want to add minty chocolate to your life in our Herbalife shake recipes with water, you can do so by using the chocolate powder. I like to dilute it and only use half of the amount on the package instructions.

Afterwards, look for peppermint candies. While these candies contain sugar and are not absolutely low in calories, they are still good at moderation. Cut up peppermint candies and blend with ice, water, bittersweet chocolate chips, and the Herbalife protein powder.


Personally, I have always loved chocolate. For those of us that are chocolate lovers, we are lucky! There is already a chocolate powder that Herbalife makes and sells to their buyers. Take the powder and add water to a large blender. In the blender, sprinkle on ice, and if you want a crunch, granola or coconut shavings.

Birthday Cake

Vanilla can be boring. If you want to change it up, you are in luck. One of our most popular Herbalife shake recipes with water uses small chunks of yellow cake, or more specifically Sara Lee bread, water, ice, and rainbow sprinkles. If you want a low calorie alternative to Sara Lee, you can always find low calorie options.


Overall, what do you think about our five unique and easy Herbalife shake recipes with water? While most shakes are made with yogurt or milk, we try to only use water in our recipes since it is great for weight loss and health reasons. While we have only listed about five different recipes, you can always make your own using the preferred ingredients!

Let us know down below in the comment section how you feel about our Herbalife shake recipes with water, including cookies and cream, strawberry, mint chocolate chip, chocolate, and birthday cake flavors. If you know anyone who wants to learn more about Herbalife, shake recipes with water, send them our way!

 How much water do you put in a Herbalife shake?


Can I mix Herbalife shake with water?

Yes! You can easily mix Herbalife shakes with water. Instead of milk, buttercream, or yogurt, substitute the ingredients with water. You may need more ice, though, to create a smooth blended shake.

How do you make a Herbalife shake with water?

Follow the instructions on the package. Every Herbalife shake is different, especially depending on the flavors of the meal replacement powder. However, all you need to do is add the powder as described, water, and ice in a blender.

How much water do you put in a Herbalife shake?

Usually, you add about 8-10 oz of water in a Herbalife shake. The exact amount depends on the powder as well as the instructions.

How do you make a water shake?

Making a water shake is super easy! Instead of heavy dairy products or milk alternatives, you will add water to a blender with meal replacement formula powders and ice!