Is Garlic Salt The Same As Garlic Powder? 5 Innovative And Easy Ways To Use Garlic Powder

So, is garlic salt the same as garlic powder? How can you tell the difference? Is one ingredient better than the other? If you have ever accidentally mixed these two powerful seasonings, keep on reading to find out the key differences and five innovative ways to use garlic powder and garlic salt.

The first thing you should know, though, is that garlic salt has a high salt content and should be limited in seasoning. A small amount for both seasoning styles can go a long way! For beginners looking to marinade their dishes with garlic salt and garlic powder, always start small as too much can cause it to be high in sodium.

What Is Garlic Salt?

Garlic salt is a common seasoning used in heavy garlic sauces and types of food. There are only a few main ingredients in garlic salt, including garlic powder and sea salt or iodine salt. Most brands of garlic salt, though, use sea salt as it is healthier and gives the powder a unique texture.

What Is Garlic Powder?

Garlic powder, which is almost the same as garlic sat, is actually just crushed up garlic made into a powder form. While garlic salt uses garlic powder, most garlic powders are not mixed with other ingredients. However, you can find garlic powder with herbs, tomato sauce, lemon, and other strong flavors.

 Can I use garlic salt instead of garlic?

Is Using Garlic Salt And Garlic Powder Ok In Cooking?

Both garlic salt and garlic powder are great seasonings that many people use in their cooking. However, are they ok? Are they safe? When is too much garlic powder or garlic salt, well, too much? There is no concrete answer, however, too much sodium can cause long-term damage to someone’s body.

It is best to lightly use both garlic salt and garlic powder. While garlic powder is mainly made with crushed and ground un garlic, there are powders that use other additives and ingredients that can drive salt and sodium levels through the roof.

Is Garlic Salt The Same As Garlic Powder?

The answer to ‘is garlic salt the same as garlic powder’ is no. However, these two types of seasonings are very common and even more similar. Technically, garlic powder is an ingredient that is used in garlic salt, but not all garlic salt seasonings are garlic powder only.

When buying these ingredients, it is best to make sure to read the fine print and the bottle as closely as possible. Garlic powder goes through a long process, for example, where it is ground up, but first dried and dehydrated. If it is not dehydrated, the garlic holds too much moisture, which will cause a wet and stinky mush instead of a powder.

Garlic Powder And Salt Substitutes

Now that you know the response to is garlic salt the same as garlic powder, we can talk about the possible substitutes. Since you that garlic powder and salt are different, you should understand that you can substitute both ingredients for each other. The problem is how salty garlic salt is.

I recommend using about 1/4th or 1/2th of the serving size if you are substituting garlic powder for garlic salt because of the sodium. If you have regular garlic cloves at home, you can also dice it and grind it with a food processor to use it as a base for cooking or a sauce for bread and pasta.

5  Ways To Use Garlic Powder

Listed below are five interesting ways to use garlic powder in your everyday life!

Fried Rice

Have you ever seasoning oily and fried rice? Using garlic powder and garlic salt in fried rice is a great seasoning method. I recommend using 1 teaspoon for ever 1.5 cups of white rice. It is even better if you want to add color. Garlic goes well with other seasonings like paprika, cayenne pepper, and onion powder.

However, if you are going to use real pieces of garlic in your food, only use a small amount of the seasoning. You don’t want to overwhelm your plate with garlic.

Cooking Ramen

Interested in making your own ramen dish? Start by boiling the noodles on a medium-high. As soon as the water starts to boil with the pasta, turn the heat of the stovetop burner to low. Let it simmer, but add your favorite seasonings, including garlic powder.


 What can I use as a substitute for garlic powder?

Although hot dogs are technically already completely cooked and seasoned, you can still enjoy a delicious hot dog that is steamed, fried, or sizzled by sprinkling seasonings like garlic powder. Too much of the garlic salt can cause headaches and dehydration, since hot dogs are already heavily processed items with high levels of fat and oil.

Tuna Sandwiches

I love making tuna from the cans and especially eat tuna on sandwich bread. If you want to spice up your lunch life, try mixing tuna with mayonnaise. After you add the mayo, also add the seasonings, including garlic powder. You can use garlic salt, but tuna is a salty fish.

Meat Marinade

Are you looking to cook delicious meat? Do you have a type of cut in mind? You can always use the garlic powder or garlic salt as a way to marinade the meat. Place the meat in a plastic bag and add the ingredients, which include garlic powder. Shake and massage the meat in the bag to spread the flavors.


What do you think about our article highlighting the answer to ‘is garlic salt the same as garlic powder? Garlic salt and garlic powder are made with almost the same ingredients, however, there is significantly more salt in garlic salt, as the name suggests. It is good to start seasoning by sprinkling the two ingredients instead of pouring them.

 What is garlic salt used for?

If you have any questions or comments, let us know down below. We are always happy to hear from interested readers that love food almost as much as we do! If you know anyone else who likes cooking with garlic salt or garlic powder, send them our way for the answer to ‘is garlic salt the same as garlic powder?’.


What can I use as a substitute for garlic powder?

You can use actual garlic as a substitute for garlic powder. If you want a seasoning, use garlic salt but a smaller amount.

Can I use garlic salt instead of garlic?,

You can use garlic salt instead of garlic, but always watch the amount you add. Since garlic sat has added salts, this can increase your sodium levels and cholesterol with time.

Is garlic salt healthier than salt?

Neither are healthy. Trying garlic salt instead of regular salt does not make a difference to your diet as both are heavy in salts.

What is garlic salt used for?

Garlic has so many uses! A lot of people use it to fight inflammation and back pain. You can also use garlic to lower high blood pressure and prevent stage 2 hypertension after stage 1 diagnosis.