Expert Guide On Alcohols That You Shouldn't Mix


Some people make the mistake of combining the worst alcohol combinations and have to bear the repercussions of it...

These two alcohols, wine and tequila, do not mix well together. The flavor combination of the two drinks does not pair well whatsoever

Wine And Tequila

Beer And Wine

It’s safe to say that wine should not be mixed with any other alcohol. The fruity elegant notes of wine do not bode well for a “mixer” drink.

Beer And Tequila

If you’re looking to be utterly miserable the next day—we’re talking about the worst hangover ever—then the way to achieve it is by mixing beer and tequila.

Where are all the rum-loving pirates at? Rum can be mixed with an array of non-alcoholic beverages like pineapple juice or coco-cola..

Rum And Any Other Alcohol

To even consider this mixture of alcohol is concerning, what with the intensity and level of alcohol content in each.....

Vodka And Whiskey

Vodka and whiskey should not be mixed. Ever. Whiskey alone has at least a 40% alcohol percentage, making it an intense option on its own.

Vodka And Whiskey

Any cocktail that contains absinthe more than likely contains at least three different types of alcohol. Stay away from it!



This combination of alcohol makes for an incredibly potent drink that we simply do not recommend.....

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