Factors To Consider You Stop Drinking Soda


I don’t think there’s a person in active society that hasn’t heard the words– ”soda is horrible for you”. Or, at least, some form of that saying.

As soda is high in calories and sugar content, eliminating the consumption of soda from one’s diet can result in fat loss.....

If I Stop Drinking Soda Will I Lose Belly Fat?

Why Soda Is Considered Unhealthy

One can of soda, in this case, we’ll use Coca-cola as an example, at 39 grams of added sugar proceeds to exceed the recommended daily intake of sugar.

Healthy Soda Alternatives

Don’t let the knowledge of soda’s unrealistically high sugar content and unnatural ingredients (like preservatives) let you down.

The sugar content of soda, like Coca-cola is notorious, hence brands have created healthier alternatives with little to zero sugar content.

Sodas Made Healthy

Some are made with fruit juice, natural flavors, or herbs (herbal sparkling water is newer to the scene)!

Sparkling Water

Loaded with antioxidants and nutritional benefits, sparkling tea provides not only health benefits but an energy boost of caffeine.

Sparkling Tea

A fermented tea, kombucha is loaded with probiotics designed to aid gut health, so it provides great health (and gut) benefits.


Flavor Enhancers

There’s a surprising amount of people that hate the taste of water, that’s where flavor enhancers for water come to the rescue (as water is essential ).

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If I Stop Drinking Soda Will I Lose Belly Fat?