Is Intermittent Fasting For You? - Here's An Insight


Many professionals recommend participating in a 48 hour fast 1-2 times a month, not every week. There are other, less intense, fasting methods...

 Rather than dictate what foods a person can eat during the fasting period, intermittent fasting is a designated time period of fasting.

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

The Purpose Of Fasting

Health And Fitness: Intermittent fasting is  used as a tool to reach health and fitness goals... Religion: is used as a tool for spiritual growth....

Is Fasting Healthy?

Some may find fasting to be extremely restrictive, unhealthy, or unnecessary, even with the many benefits proven to come from fasting.

A 48 hour fast involves drinking fluids, like water, that contain zero calories and no foods throughout 48 hours or two days.

48 Hour Fast Once A Week

To get started in setting up for your 48 hour fast, it is recommended to utilize one’s sleeping schedule to successfully cut into that  time period. 

How To Participate In a 48 Hour Fast

When breaking the 48 hour fast, it is recommended to eat something light.  The next day, gradually begin to reintroduce regular foods...

Breaking The 48 Hour Fast

A 48 hour fast is often used as a tool to “reset” the body. Whether this is for spiritual, physical, or mental reasons, it is up to that person.....

Benefits Of A 48 Hour Fast

Risks Of Participating In A 48 Hour Fast

There are risks that come with participating in a fast, especially a longer one such as a 48 hour fast. It is always recommended to start off small...

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