See How Easily You Can Make Traeger Tri-Tip Recipe


The original wood pellet grill, Traeger is notorious for its consistency with heat and flavorful results each and every time it’s used....

A tri-tip is a triangular roast or steak that comes from the bottom sirloin. This steak is also commonly referred to as “Santa Maria” steak...

What Is A Tri-Tip?

There is a wood pellet hopper that feeds an internal auger to channel pellets into the fire pit located at the bottom of the grill...

What Is A Traeger?

“Grain” refers to the muscle fibers that run within the meat. When cutting against the grain, this helps make the meat easier to chew...

What Does Slicing Against The Grain Mean?

Serving size: 6

 Prep. time: 5 mins

 Cook time: 1 hr

 Total time: 1 hr 5 mins

Quick Traeger Tri-Tip


– Tri-Tip – Salt – Black Pepper


Before continuing on to any of the next steps, preheat the Traeger. Set the temperature to 225 F to preheat for 15 minutes with the lid closed.


Preheat The Traeger

Step 2

In the small mixing bowl, pour the salt and pepper into the bowl. Mix together to combine. Using the mixture, season the tri-tip.

Combine The Salt And Pepper And  Season The Tri-Tip

It’s time to cook the tri-tip. Insert the probe into the thickest section of the tri-tip, then place it onto the grill grates, cook  for 60-90 minutes..


Cook The Tri-Tip

Before continuing on to the next step, allow the Traeger to preheat until it reaches 450 F. This can take around 15 minutes....


Allow The Traeger To Preheat

Wait until the Traeger has preheated to 450 F before following up with this step.  Remove the foil surrounding the tri-tip.


Unwrap The Tri-Tip

Insert the probe back into the tri-tip. Use the tongs to place the tri-tip on the grill. For 4 minutes, sear each side of the tri-tip.


Sear The Tri-Tip

Use the tongs to remove the seared and cooked tri-tip from the Traeger. Allow the tri-tip to cool for about 10 minutes.


Remove The Tri-Tip


Serve And Enjoy!

Serve warm, using a sharp knife to slice against the grain. Enjoy!

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