Watch Out For Foods That Cause Feet Swelling


Struggling with swollen feet is not something many people, or any really, want to deal with. It can be embarrassing and frustrating to have to handle and hide swollen feet..

Inflammation is the body’s natural biological prerogative to battle toxins, infections, injuries, and so on.

What Is Inflammation?

What Makes A Food Out To Be An “Inflammatory” Food?

An inflammatory food is any food that has the ability to change the bacteria living in the human body’s gut.

Processed Sugars

Also known as refined sugars, processed sugars are a common day ingredient in today’s society’s foods that cause a major issue with inflammation.

Artificial trans fat is another ingredient in accessible common day foods that cause inflammation.....

Trans Fats

Similar to sugar, carbohydrates that are highly refined cause insulin to spike. This then proceeds to call upon the body’s inflammatory response ...

Highly Refined Carbohydrates

When drinking alcohol the body works to detain more water, and because of that, there is a resulting swelling, or inflammatory, response.


Like processed sugars and other products, processed meats are innately shown to increase the risk of negative health concerns...

Processed Meats

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Thankfully, there are anti-inflammatory foods that can battle against inflammation and swelling caused by the inflammatory response of the body.....

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