How Long Do Scrambled Eggs Last In The Fridge? 4 Tips To Prolong The Shelf-life Of Scrambled Eggs

Have you ever made to much scrambled eggs and thought to yourself, How Long Do Scrambled Eggs Last in the Fridge? Trying to find the answer to this question is better than leaving the leftover scrambled eggs to rot and go to waste.

There are many ways to make scrambled eggs last longer in your fridge. It is not enough to simply place the eggs on a plate into the refrigerator. Actually, if you store items half-heartedly, there is a higher chances that the food will go bad quickly! Eating spoiled food is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

What Are Scrambled Eggs?

Scrambled eggs are a type of egg dish that is made when scrambled. Everyone has their own recipe and does scrambled eggs in their own unique way! That being said, you need to scramble, or break apart a whole cooked egg for it to be ‘scrambled’. Once an egg is cooked, you can eat it with little risk of sickness!

How To Make The Best Scrambled Eggs

Making the best scrambled eggs does not have to be impossible. Actually, all you need to do is mix or whisk eggs in a bowl with your favorite seasonings and a small splash of milk! The milk is a nice fat that helps bring the dish together and gives your scrambled eggs fluffiness.

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The Dangers Of Not Cooking Or Preserving Eggs Correctly

Did you know that there are dangers of not cooking or preserving eggs correctly? Noto only do rotten and spoiled eggs give off a putrid scent, but they are also a risk. For example, salmonella is common in uncooked eggs. While most eggs are pasteurized, the process is not full proof.

When an egg has salmonella bacteria and you ingest this, you are likely to start feeling intense symptoms like a fever, chills, mood swings, diarrhea, and vomiting. Usually, this bacteria is killed during the cooking process. However, eggs can get this bacteria again if stored near or touching raw meat.

How Long Do Scrambled Eggs Last In The Fridge?

So, how long do scrambled eggs last in the fridge? From what we know, it is estimated that preserved scrambled eggs can last up to four days. Although this dish is still edible after four days, both the texture and the taste change significantly.

Keep in mind though, the answer to how long do scrambled eggs last in the fridge changes if you do not store or cook these eggs correctly. When eggs are left exposed, they grow bacteria quicker and can get dirty from falling food particles.

4 Tips To Preserve Scrambled Eggs In The Fridge

Listed below are four tips to consider when looking into how long do scrambled eggs last in the fridge. The more tips you follow, the best chances you have at preserving food for a later time! No one wants to waste food, especially leftovers.

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1. Let the Eggs Cool Down

The number one thing you should focus on when looking into how long do scrambled eggs last in the fridge is to first let the eggs cool down before placing them in a container and in the fridge. What happens if you place warm or hot eggs inside of the fridge?

Well, moisture starts to build up in the form of condensation. The heat trapped in the container brings a new level of moisture. Usually, moisture is a good thing as it softens food, however, in this case it attracts bacteria and makes the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Mold will go quicker in these dark and wet environments.

2. Don’t Place the Eggs in the Door of the Refrigerator

When choosing where you want to store your scrambled eggs, do so in a part of your fridge that does not let cool air escape. This may sound silly, but leaving food in areas that directly see the light and an increase in temperature can cause food to go bad.

As tempting as it is to use the space left at the door of your refrigerator, refrain from doing so! This is an area that is constantly exposed to warm and fluctuating temperatures, which can allow for the growth of mold, bacteria, and other fungi.

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3. Air-Tight Containers

This may sound obvious, but don’t place scrambled eggs or any other type of food in a container that does not have the right lid! We get it, sometimes you don’t know where the lid is, however, exposing oxygen, excessive moisture, and other bacteria in the fridge to your scrambled eggs, can cause sickness if eaten.

Find an air tight container or even a ziplock bag! When I run out of containers with tight lids, I use plastic wrap or aluminum foil as it traps the cool temperature in and keeps necessary bacteria out.

4. Freezing Leftover Scrambled Eggs

Did you know that you can also freeze leftover scrambled eggs? Although it is more common to freeze egg whites, omelets, and fried eggs, you can also freeze scrambled eggs. When I do this, I like to add them into a large gallon sized ziplock bag with the gate. Typically, these last up to three months in your freezer.

Keep in mind though, if you leave your scrambled eggs in the open and exposed directly to freezing temperatures, the eggs will remain safe to eat, but the texture drastically changes. When reheating the frozen scrambled eggs, you can do this by microwaving the leftovers on low, or frying them again in a large fan with a small amount of butter or oil.


Are you satisfied with the answer to How Long Do Scrambled Eggs Last in the Fridge? Scrambled eggs usually last up to four days in the refrigerator before they start to go bad. However, you can make this longer if you properly store scrambled eggs.

Once you cook your eggs, the spoiling time increases. The hard shell around the egg protects the egg from bacteria. Did you learn anything new about how long do scrambled eggs last in the fridge? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


Can you refrigerate and reheat scrambled eggs?

You can easily refrigerator and reheat scrambled eggs! First, make sure to place your leftover scrambled eggs in an air tight container. When you are ready to reheat, do so by placing them in a microwave safe plate or bowl.

Do scrambled eggs go bad in the fridge?

Scrambled eggs go bad in the fridge over time. Typically, scrambled eggs last four days in the fridge before they start to go bad.

How do you store leftover scrambled eggs?

Storing leftover scrambled eggs is easy! There are many ways to do so. The easiest way is to use a container with a tight lid.

How can you tell if scrambled eggs have gone bad?

Scrambled eggs have gone bad if the texture has changed or the color and smell are off.