4 Beneficial Health Benefits Of Wood Apple Bel Shake Recipe


Boasting a vast amount of health and nutritional benefits, the wood apple is a popular fruit in Sri Lankan and Indian cuisine.

A popular fruit in Sri Lankan and Indian cuisine, Wood Apple has the outward appearance of a rotten coconut shell.

What Is Wood Apple?

The pulp of wood apple has a decidedly sour taste that can wave off even the most daring of individuals seeking to try this fruit.

What Does Wood Apple Taste Like?

Wood apple, in Sri Lanka specifically, is filtered of its juices and mixed with coconut milk and sugar for a refreshing treat that is sweet and tart.

How Is Wood Apple Served And Made?

-Increases Energy -Purifies The Blood -Improves Digestion -Improves Digestion

Benefits Of Wood Apple

Serving size: 2

 Prep. time: 5 mins

 Cook time: 0

 Total time: 5 mins

Wood Apple Bel Shake


– Milk – Water – Wood Apple (Bel) – Sugar – Pistachios (Deshelled) – Jaggery Powder (Optional)


Use a hammer or other tool to crack open the wood apple on a cutting board. Remove the pulp from the cracked open wood apple.


Crack Open The Wood Apple And Remove The Pulp

Add the mashed pulp to the blender. Add the cold milk. Then, add  ice to the blender....


Add The Pulp To The Blender And Add the Milk

Blend all of the ingredients—the milk, ice, wood apple—together. Do this until the ingredients are smooth and mixed together well.


Blend The Ingredients


Pour Into A Drinking GlassGarnish, Serve And Enjoy!

Pour the mixture into a drinking glass for serving.Garnish with deshelled pistachios. Serve and enjoy!

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