If I Stop Drinking Soda Will I Lose Belly Fat?

I don’t think there’s a person in active society that hasn’t heard the words– ”soda is horrible for you”. Or, at least, some form of that saying. So, all the dedicated soda drinkers out there looking to quit may ask, “If I Stop Drinking Soda Will I Lose Belly Fat?”

The answer depends on a load of factors. How often do you drink soda? What does your diet (as in what foods you eat, how nutritious they are, macronutrients, etc.) look like? Are you in a caloric deficit? All of these factors combined are supreme factors to look out for when looking to lose fat. Many personal trainers, dieticians, and nutritionists will say over and over again to any who will listen—do not drink your calories! That includes soda.

High in calories and added sugars, soda has been proven—-by scientific studies, mind you!–that soda, like Coco-cola and Sprite, is not healthy. Yet, people still drink them…sugar has been shown to hit the “pleasure” sensory part of the brain which makes the brain addicted, wanting more. That’s why it’s harder for people to quit drinking soda, it’s because they’re addicted to it!

That’s why we’ve put together this list of alternatives to unhealthy sodas out there, like Pepsi and Root Beer. Each drink is competitively delicious, perfectly carbonated, and boasts a load of nutritional health benefits meant to make the drinks not only taste great but make you feel great—inside and out. 

If I Stop Drinking Soda Will I Lose Belly Fat?

For many consistent soda drinkers, dropping soda will end up aiding them in their weight loss journey. As each person’s genetics are different, they can lose fat in varying areas. Some people lose fat in their stomachs first, others lose it in their hips first. It depends on the individual.

As soda is high in calories and sugar content, eliminating the consumption of soda from one’s diet can result in fat loss. In a can of Coca-cola, one serving is (the whole can) contains 39 grams of added sugar and 140 calories. That’s a lot of sugar! 

 How does soda affect your weight?

Why Soda Is Considered Unhealthy

One can of soda, in this case, we’ll use Coca-cola as an example, at 39 grams of added sugar proceeds to exceed the recommended daily intake of sugar…with one can! One serving of soda!

For those buying a medium or large-sized soda at McDonald’s or your favorite pizza joint, really take into consideration how much sugar you’re ingesting, and to make things a bit more clear—you’d be consuming 2-4x more than 39 grams of sugar (if drinking Coca-cola). That’s more than 3x the daily recommended sugar intake the American Heart Association advises! 

Healthy Soda Alternatives

Don’t let the knowledge of soda’s unrealistically high sugar content and unnatural ingredients (like preservatives and artificial ingredients) let you down. There are plenty of other options that can replace soda brands like Mountain Dew and Pepsi.

These healthy soda alternatives are little to zero added sugar or use real fruit juice (for the sparkling water alternatives) to sweeten the drinks. Each drink boasts its own health benefits, and some have caffeine for those looking for an invigorating energy boost with their drink! 

 How long after not drinking soda will I lose weight?

Sodas Made Healthy

The sugar content of soda, like Coca-cola is notorious, hence brands have created healthier alternatives with little to zero sugar content. Other brands have even added prebiotics and probiotics for an added nutritional boost for your gut bacteria. 

Check out some of these brands:

Sparkling Water

From fruity sparkling water to caffeinated sparkling water with a needed energy boost, sparklign water is a healthy alternative to soda. Some are made with fruit juice, natural flavors, or herbs (herbal sparkling water is newer to the scene)!

Check out some of these brands:

Sparkling Tea

Loaded with antioxidants and nutritional benefits, sparkling tea provides not only health benefits but an energy boost of caffeine. There are a variety of flavors available in each sparkling tea brand catered to your desired tastes. 

Check out some of these brands:


Kombucha is hard for some people to swallow, but for those who love it—they become die-hard fans for kombucha. A fermented tea, kombucha is loaded with probiotics designed to aid gut health, so it provides great health (and gut) benefits. 

Check out some of these brands:

Flavor Enhancers

There’s a surprising amount of people that hate the taste of water, that’s where flavor enhancers for water come to the rescue (as water is essential for the human body). From vitamins, caffeine, to sugar-free and electrolytes, there is a wide variety of brands of flavor enhancers for your water that can replace soda! 

Check out some of these brands:

Sparkling Mineral Water

Like normal sparkling water, these mineral water brands are all carbonated for a nice fizzy pizzaz! Mineral water naturally contains minerals like magnesium and calcium, making it naturally more nutritionally beneficial than filtered water that is stripped of its nutrients. 

Check out some of these brands:


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How much weight can I lose in a month if I stop drinking soda?

This highly depends on your diet (as in how many calories you consume with and without drinking soda) along with how active you are. Some people can lose a pound or more each month.

How long after not drinking soda will I lose weight?

It all comes down to calories, so if you simply cut out sodas you can end up losing a pound every three and a half weeks by cutting out soda from your diet.

How does soda affect your weight?

Soda is high in calories and added sugars. The two combined together can make it hard to lose fat as the added sugars in sodas are designed to have consumers coming back for more. Completley dropping soda is the best method in eliminating the negative health risks that come from drinking soda.