Coral Reef Cocktail Recipe Perfect For Summertime


Are you here to learn how to make the delicious Coral Reef Cocktail found at Bonefish Grill? Then, we’ve got your back with this refreshing and fruity cocktail drink!

The Coral Reef Cocktail originated at the Tampa Bay Bonefish Grill location. The drink combines fresh orange and pineapple juices, coconut rum, etc...

The History Behind The Coral Reef Cocktail

Coral Reefs are a necessary tool for an efficient and diverse ecosystem for marine life. They are essential in protecting the coastline when storms hit.

The Importance Of Coral Reefs

Supports Fisherman: The diverse ecosystem of coral reefs implodes an abundance of thriving life. Protects The Land: They manage to prevent erosion of the land....

The Importance Of Coral Reefs

Coral reefs have been consistently jeopardized by disease, pollution, and habitat destruction inflicted often by humankind, though not 100%.

Why Do Coral Reefs Require Preservation Efforts?

Serving size: 1

 Prep. time: 5 mins

 Cook time: 0

 Total time: 5 mins

Coral Reef Cocktail Recipe


–  Malibu Coconut Rum –  Vodka –  Fresh Orange Juice –  Fresh Pineapple Juice –  Lime  – Top With Sprite Soda and more ....


In the shaker, add enough ice to fill the shaker. Then, add the Malibu coconut rum, vodka, pineapple juice, orange juice, etc…


Add To The Shaker

Place the lid on the shaker. Shake the contents to thoroughly combine.


Shake Well

Add ice to a cocktail glass. Strain the contents of the shaker into the cocktail glass.


Strain Into A Cocktail Glass

Top the Coral Reef Cocktail with Sprite soda.


Top With Soda


Garnish And Enjoy!

A shaker is not completely necessary, though it is recommended to properly integrate the ingredients together.

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